Restaurant Dining Is Possible for Intemediate Fitness Goals


Eating healthy when dining out at a restaurant is not all that difficult. Anyone with even a minimal amount of nutritional knowledge knows certain foods have fewer calories and more nutrients than others. Not everyone understands the importance of timing their meal choices based on their other health and fitness goals. Someone who is heading into the intermediate phase of working out does need to be a bit more selective with food choices. With a little bit of knowledge, making the right food selections shouldn't be too difficult.

Know the Intermediate Phase

Someone who has been working out for a year or so probably has dropped a bit of fat and built up some muscle. After that year, additional gains may be a bit tougher since the body is used to the stress of working out. Just cutting a few calories a day and upping protein intake might not be enough. The workout enthusiast should think about a few things when making intermediate level-friendly choices from the menu.

Here are a few general ideas for meal choices when eating out and hoping to boost gains:

  • Try Sunday Carb Loading

Carb loading refers to keeping carb intake minimal for several days and then taking in a huge amount on a particular day. The idea here is to get just enough carbs for energy for the week and not allowing excess carbs to be stored as fat. A healthy Sunday morning breakfast could be a great way to get a lot of carbs. Whole wheat pancakes or waffles topped with blueberries and bananas and maple syrup is going to deliver a massive carb load without refined sugars.

  • Build Muscle with Overlooked Protein

Anyone hoping to bulk up muscle needs protein in a diet. Poultry and beef are common sources, but eating the same protein sources over and over again is dull. Pork chops are an outstanding source of protein and an overlooked one. Pork chops can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. At night, an order of pork chops and mixed vegetables is appropriate. In the morning, an order of pork chops and scrambled eggs absolutely starts the day with helpful grams of protein.

  • Go with the Oatmeal Dessert Option

Those wanting to craft a chiseled body have to look away from the dessert display presented at restaurants. Not all desserts are sugary. Low-fat, low-sugar cakes or cookies made with oatmeal would help the body amass a great many nutrients. Organic oatmeal desserts with natural ingredients would be the best choice.

Eating out and maximizing nutritional benefits for an intermediate fitness plan do mesh well together. All a person needs is a little knowledge and a big menu. Check out local restaurants and be on your way to reaching your fitness goals.


4 January 2017

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