Vietnamese Food Delivery Services: 3 Delicious Drinks To Order With Your Food


When ordering your next meal from Vietnamese food delivery services, branch out from ordering soda, coke, bottled water, or juice to accompany your order. There are plenty of delicious drinks that you can order to go with your food. Not only do these drinks possess a unique taste, but they also go great well with the flavors found in pho and other Vietnamese dishes. At the very least, you should try the following 3 delicious drinks at least once in your lifetime. 

Nuoc Sam — Herbal Tea

Nuoc Sam is known as an herbal tea and contains sugarcane, seaweed, corn silk, artichoke, and crysanthemum as base ingredients. Some restaurants also add additional ingredients like nestle leaves, grass roots, coriander and longan. This herbal tea has a sweet and nutty taste that complements pho and other dishes, like lemongrass chicken, very well. It's often served over ice on a hot day, and has been known to have revitalizing properties.  

Nuoc Mia — Sugarcane Juice

If you're not looking for anything that's going to come with some medicinal benefits, you should consider ordering Nuoc Mia, otherwise known as sugarcane juice, with your order. This drink is basically made of juice that has been squeezed from sugarcanes, which is why it can offer a slightly sweet and refreshing taste. Some restaurants will mix the sugarcane juice with lemon juice, citrus juice, among many other alternatives. Look for Vietnamese restaurants that make their own Nuoc Mia in house for the best experience possible. 

Ca Phe — Coffee

Have you been feeling a bit tired and sluggish throughout the day. Nothing is going to wake you up as easily and quickly as Ca Phe, otherwise known as Vietnamese coffee. Vietnamese coffee beans are roasted with fish sauce and butter to bring out a bolder chocolate tone and is prepared using metal drip filters. This causes you to end up with a very fragrant and strong cup of coffee. Condensed milk is often mixed with the coffee as a sweetener. The condensed milk adds rich milky undertones to the drink. You can get Ca Phe either hot or cold. 


There's nothing better than ordering some traditional drinks to go along with your meal. The different types of drinks will further enhance your dining experience. Generally speaking, the drinks are already prepared at the restaurant or can be prepared by the time that your food is ready to go, so you won't have to wait a longer time for your order.  


19 January 2017

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