4 Tips For Dining Out At A Restaurant With Young Children


Being a parent is a lot of responsibility, but having young children doesn't mean that you are stuck cooking all meals at home and avoiding going out to restaurants. Being smart and prepared can make dining out with young children an enjoyable experience. Use the following tips for going out to eat at a restaurant with your young children:

Choose a Restaurant Carefully

One of the biggest keys to an enjoyable meal out with your young kids is picking the right restaurant. For the best experience, choose a family restaurant, such as a local pizza restaurant or casual bar and grill. These types of places typically cater to families with children, and the volume tends to be a little higher, so you won't have to worry about trying to keep your children completely quiet to prevent disturbing other diners.

Eat During Off-Peak Times

Going out to eat on a Friday evening probably isn't a great idea with young kids -- you may have to wait for a table, and service may be a bit slower when a restaurant is packed. Same goes for going out to lunch at a restaurant -- try to avoid peak lunch rushes. When you avoid the busiest times at a restaurant, you are more likely to be seated promptly and the food will probably come out faster. 

Keep the Kids Entertained

Content kids make the dining out experience much more enjoyable, so make sure you are prepared to keep your young children entertained while you wait for your meals to arrive at the table. Carry books, small toys, paper, crayons, and possibly a tablet. Check to see if the restaurant that you're dining out at provides anything for kids; for example, some family pizza restaurants hand out small balls of pizza dough for little kids to play with while the food is cooking.

Get Food Promptly

If you know that your kids are starving, don't hesitate to ask your server to place their order even if you and your other adult dining companions have not had a chance to review the menu. This will help ensure that the kids' food comes out quickly so you don't have to deal with cranky, hungry kids at the table. Likewise, you may also opt to quickly order appetizers so you children can have something to munch on and tide them over until dinner. It also doesn't hurt to keep a few snacks on hand in case of emergency. 


1 February 2017

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