Social Media Promotions To Consider For Your Establishment's Happy Hour


When you own a restaurant, happy hour presents you with an opportunity to get lots of patrons into your establishment, as well as keep them happy. Many restaurants and bars have promotions for happy hour, and these can help to create a packed house and upbeat energy. One approach to consider if you're thinking about introducing a happy hour or revamping happy hour plans that are a little stale is to include social media. There are many different social media-related promotions that you can implement, including the following.

Assign Promo Words To Followers

Patrons look for deals during happy hour, and you can offer them this type of perk with the use of social media. Encourage your patrons to follow your restaurant on a specific social media platform, whether it's Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, and tell them to check your page often throughout happy hour. At a random time, make a post on one of these accounts with a promotional word — and stipulate that the first patron to visit the restaurant host and repeat the word will get a set percentage off his or her bill.

Reward Popular Posts

Encourage your patrons to take photos throughout happy hour and post one or more on their social media accounts, while also tagging your establishment's account name. Someone might take a picture of a meal that they're enjoying, or their image might be of their group of friends celebrating an occasion. 

At the end of happy hour, ask anyone who thinks that his or her post might have been "liked" the most to meet you in a specific area, and you can ask to see each person's post on his or her device. The person whose post has been "liked" the most can win a prize.

Give A Prize For Retweeting

Lots of your patrons will likely have Twitter accounts, so tweet a promotional image at the start of each happy hour — it could be a picture of some of the appetizers and drinks that you'll be offering at a reduced rate in the next hour or two or some of the contests that you'll hold with the prizes that you'll award. 

Ask your Twitter followers to retweet this message to their social media followers. Toward the end of the happy hour, have a random draw with all the names of those who retweeted your message, and assign a prize to a lucky winner.

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10 July 2018

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