Types Of Sausage That You May Find At Your Local Italian Eatery


Lots of diners flock to their local Italian restaurants to enjoy meatballs, seafood, and chicken, but there's no denying that other protein options are also popular choices. Most Italian restaurants have at least one sausage dish, and many have a variety of ways that you can enjoy this preparation of pork. If you're someone who loves sausage and who is always up for trying it in different ways, an Italian eatery is a good spot to visit. Here are some different types of sausage that you'll often find on the menu at this type of establishment.

Dried Sausage

There's a good opportunity to enjoy one or more types of sausage at an Italian restaurant before your main course even arrives. Check the appetizers section of the menu and you'll often notice charcuterie plates. These items are especially common at higher-end Italian eateries. They include many items, but dried sausage is always part of this dish. A charcuterie plate pairs sausage with cheese, bread, olives, and other items, and is a perfect dish for sharing. Depending on the size of the plate, it may contain a variety of dried sausage, as well.

Spicy Sausage

You've likely tasted hot Italian sausage at some point in your life, and whether you've bought this variety of sausage from your local grocery store or not, you can expect to find something similar at an Italian restaurant. The big difference is that a restaurant's spicy sausages will often be prepared in-house, giving them a fresh taste. Different dishes will have sausages with different degrees of spice. For example, some dishes — pasta, for example — will have pieces of extra-spicy sausage, while others will have sausage that is only moderately spicy. You can find pieces of spicy sausage in many dishes, including in ravioli.

Sweet Sausage

Another type of sausage that you'll find on your Italian eatery's menu is sweet Italian sausage. This protein is common in various pasta dishes — for example, instead of tomato sauce with ground beef, you might find tomato sauce with sweet sausage. Sweet Italian sausage can differ from establishment to establishment. Sometimes, notes of honey will come through. In other cases, garlic will be the dominant taste. Sweet sausage is common in multiple dishes, and you may sometimes find that it's paired with spicy sausage. This can be ideal because you won't know exactly what taste to expect with each bite.

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27 August 2019

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