3 Signs You Should Serve BBQ At Your Wedding


When planning your wedding, one decision that you have to make is about the type of food that you are going to serve to your guests. There are many different catering companies out there that offer a host of different options that are perfect for weddings and other events. As you are making your choice, consider ordering from a restaurant that offers BBQ catering services. A few signs that BBQ catering might be right for your wedding are listed here.

1. You're On a Budget

Weddings can get very expensive. One thing that can really add to that cost is choosing an expensive meal for your guests. In many cases, BBQ catering is more affordable than the other meal options that are available for weddings. If you want to serve great food without going over your wedding budget, you might find that working with a BBQ catering company is the best way to do so. 

2. You're Hosting a Casual Event

Although there are certainly a lot of beautiful, high-end weddings out there, this might not be the vision that you have for your own special day. Instead, you could be hoping to plan a wedding that will be pretty casual and laid-back. If so, you'll want to serve food that will suit your casual theme. BBQ is often perfect for this type of wedding.

3. You Want to Offer Something for Everyone

In many cases, if you order food for your wedding from a BBQ catering company, you will have a nice selection of main dishes and sides to choose from. You may be able to offer meats like shredded pork, chicken, and beef, along with options like smoked sausage or ribs. Many BBQ catering companies offer a host of different side dishes for customers to choose from, too, such as coleslaw, macaroni and cheese, and various vegetables. By offering BBQ at your wedding, you can offer a little something for everyone. Hopefully, guests of all ages and with all sorts of food preferences should be able to find something delicious at your wedding.

One big part of planning your wedding is determining what you will feed your guests. For many people, working with a BBQ catering company and offering BBQ and all of the traditional sides is a great idea. Consider talking to a chef or manager from a BBQ catering company in your area to find out more about serving BBQ at your upcoming event.


23 October 2019

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