5 Ways To Optimize Your Pizza Delivery Experience


When you are tired, busy, or don't feel like cooking, ordering some pizza is one of the best ways to get a good meal. When it comes to ordering pizza, you can do a few things to optimize your pizza delivery experience.

1. Order Outside of Peak Times

If you want to get a pizza that comes hot from the ovens at the pizza place, right into the driver's magical insulated bag, and direct to your front door, you should avoid ordering pizza during peak delivery time.

Peak delivery time tends to fall around the middle of the evening, with weekends being popular times to order delivery. Deliver orders also tend to increase when the weather is terrible or if there is a big sports event going on. If you have to order during peak times, be prepared to wait patiently for your order.

2. Get Some Appetizers

Although pizza is tasty, it is often not enough to fill you up. That is why you should add some appetizers to your order.

Appetizers vary depending on the pizza place you are ordering from, but classic appetizers include breadsticks, seasoned chicken wings, and salad. Check with your local pizza place and see what other appetizers or side dishes they have.

3. Remember to Add Sauces to Your Order

If you like to dip pizza in ranch, or you want to enjoy your breadsticks with some marinara sauce, be sure to add the sauce when you order.

4. Don't Forget About Dessert

Next, make sure you don't forget about desserts. Many pizza places make dessert pizza cookies or brownies. Find out what type of dessert you can get with your pizza.

5. Make Your Home Visible

You don't want your delivery driver to have to waste time driving around trying to find your home. If your home or apartment is in a hard to locate the area, give good directions.

Be sure to turn on your porchlight; even during the day, this can help your home stand out. If you like to order pizza delivery regularly, make sure your house numbers are large and easy to read.

Finally, when your delivery driver brings your food, be sure to give them a nice tip. They have to check with the kitchen to make sure your order is correct, carefully load it up in their vehicle, drive and find your home, and then bring the food to you safely.

The next time you don't feel like cooking, get a full meal delivered by your local pizza place, including appetizers, salad, pizza, and dessert. You can even add drinks. Contact a pizza delivery service for more information. 


14 October 2020

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