Placing Big Pizza Delivery Orders For Parties


One of the nice things about ordering pizza delivery is that you can order pretty much as little or as much as you want. However, the process of ordering, say, 10 large pizzas for a party requires a somewhat different approach than ordering one small pizza for yourself on Friday night. Here are some tips that will help you (and the pizza shop) out when you're placing a huge pizza delivery order for a party.

Place your order ahead of time.

If you're used to placing small pizza orders, you probably call and place your order and have the pizza show up a half-hour or so later. With a really large order, though, it often takes the pizzeria a bit longer to prepare the order. If you just call and order 10 big pies, you might be told they won't be there for 90 minutes or 2 hours. This could throw off the schedule of your party.

So, if you want the pizza to arrive on time, you should call well in advance of when you need the pizza and tell the pizzeria what time you'd like the order delivered. For example, if you call at 11 am and request 10 pizzas to be delivered at 6 pm, the pizzeria will likely be able to accommodate you. They have more time to plan, and you'll get your pizza when you want it.

Pay over the phone or online.

If possible, you don't want to pay for such a large order in cash. Most drivers won't want to be driving around with that much cash on their person. Many pizza restaurants will allow you to pay over the phone by credit card. In fact, if you place an order over a certain amount, they may require this. Other restaurants accept payment via various online apps. Whichever option you choose, make sure you also leave a generous tip for the driver since they'll be doing the work of lugging all those heavy pizzas up to your door.

Order a variety of pizzas.

You might assume it's easier to just buy 10 of the same pizza. But while this may be easier for the pizza shop, it may not be ideal for your guests. Some may not like the toppings you choose. Try, instead, to order at least three different types of pizza. 

With the tips above, you'll easily order delivered pizza to your party, even if your guest list is really long!


26 February 2021

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