Dos And Don't Of Ordering Breakfast To Be Delivered


You don't want to cook breakfast, but you don't want to go out to breakfast, either. If you've ever been in this situation, there is a perfect solution — order breakfast to be delivered! Many breakfast restaurants do offer delivery, but there are some dos and don'ts you'll want to keep in mind as you place your order and enjoy your meal.

Do: Order early

In the morning, when you have things to do, you probably don't want to wait two hours for your breakfast to be delivered. Plus, you'll be famished by the time it comes. So, don't hesitate in placing your delivery order. As soon as you're awake and you realize you'll be ordering breakfast, place that order. In some cases, the restaurant may even allow you to order the night before, which is great if you're able to plan ahead this much.

Don't: Order hot and cold items together

Some restaurants do a really good job of keeping cold and hot dishes separate during transportation. But unless you know a restaurant does this, you're better off ordering either hot or cold items — not both. Otherwise, after traveling in a car alongside your hot omelet or waffles, cold items like yogurt might be warm.

Do: Order meals over a la carte options

If the restaurant has pre-designated meals with various items that come together, order one of these rather than ordering numerous items separately. Restaurants that regularly do breakfast delivery tend to have packaging that they use for their meals in order to keep everything separate and warm. If you order a bunch of individual items, they may be harder for the restaurant to package and deliver to you.

Don't: Order frozen items unless you're really close

When it comes to items like smoothies and smoothie bowls, which are served frozen, you typically want to avoid these things unless you live really close to the restaurant. The item may be less cold than you'd like by the time it is delivered to you, and then it won't be that enjoyable. Of course, you might be able to make an exception in the winter, when the outdoor temperatures will keep your smoothie or other frozen food chilled.

Ordering breakfast delivery can be a really great way to enjoy a delicious morning meal without having to cook. Just keep the above tips in mind, especially the first time you order from a particular restaurant. Look for a breakfast restaurant delivery service in your area. 


17 May 2021

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