Ideal Attributes For A Stock Pot Range


A stock pot range can be a useful piece of stainless steel equipment to add to your restaurant kitchen. This compact device holds a stock pot that requires cooking for a prolonged period, which means that this cooking vessel won't be taking up valuable space on your main range. Restaurant equipment suppliers have many different stock pot ranges for sale, so you can check out a few models to find one that best suits your needs. You'll want to carefully go over the features of each model. Ideally, you'll select one that possesses these useful attributes.

Two Burners

When you look at a selection of stock pot ranges, you'll see that most of them have one burner. While this design can work well in a lot of kitchens, you might wish to consider whether a two-burner range could be a better choice for you. If you produce a lot of food each day, being able to put two stock pots on this specialized range will be handy. In some cases, you may even decide to put an enormous stock pot across both burners on the range when you need to cook an extremely large volume of soup or sauce.

Low Height

One of the defining characteristics of a stock pot range is its low height. This appliance is considerably shorter than a conventional range. This design means that when you have a tall stock pot on the range, its contents won't be too high for your kitchen staff to stir with ease. When you're looking at different stock pot ranges, you'll see that while they're all short, some are lower than others. In general, you'll want to choose the device that sits lowest to the ground as this will ensure that the content of its pots is easy to reach.


Some stock pot ranges sit on four flat feet, while others are equipped with caster-style wheels at the base of each of the legs. It's ideal to choose a model that has wheels, as this will dramatically improve the portability of the appliance. While you could theoretically move a stock pot range by lifting it with a partner, having wheels allows one person to move the range on their own. You may find that there are numerous occasions in which you want to relocate this appliance around your kitchen based on how busy the space is. Browse a restaurant equipment store's website to learn about stainless steel stock pot ranges. 

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26 September 2022

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