Three Reasons To Order Thin-Crust Pizza


When you're getting ready to order a pizza, you might be busy thinking about what toppings you want. While it's important to put careful thought into this topic, you should also give some thought to what type of crust you'll order. Most pizza restaurants have multiple crust options available, and the two most popular choices are thick crust and thin crust. If you don't have much experience with thin-crust pizzas, now can be a good time to experience this crust style. Here are three reasons to think about ordering a thin-crust pizza. 

Lower In Calories

Some people like thin-crust pizza because it's a lower-calorie option. While the toppings you choose will play a significant role in how many calories your pizza has, the type of crust you have also factors in. The thicker the crust, the more calories you'll be consuming per slice. If you're excited to order some pizza but are also mindful of how many calories you consume throughout the day—perhaps because you're trying to avoid weight gain or you're working to lose weight—a thin crust option will be a good fit for you.

Easier To Eat On The Go

While it's enjoyable to sit down at a restaurant and enjoy a pizza with friends, there can be times that you just want a slice or two to eat on the go. For example, if you live in a city and you're walking to a meeting or appointment, you might like the idea of grabbing a slice and eating it on the sidewalk. Thick-crust pizza is heavy and bends when you pick it up, which doesn't make it conducive to eating on the go. With a lightweight slice of thin crust, however, you can easily fold the slice along its length and eat it tidily while walking.

More Awareness Of The Toppings

You may find that the toppings on a thin-crust pizza stand out more than those on a thick-crust pizza. When you bite into a slice of thick crust, it's easy to be aware of the amount of dough in your mouth that you don't immediately focus on the toppings—especially if some of them have subtle flavor profiles. If you're the type of person who wants to easily savor every topping on your pizza, the thin-crust style may be a better fit for you. Consider this crust style during your next pizza restaurant visit. 

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26 September 2022

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