Social Media Promotions To Consider For Your Establishment's Happy Hour


When you own a restaurant, happy hour presents you with an opportunity to get lots of patrons into your establishment, as well as keep them happy. Many restaurants and bars have promotions for happy hour, and these can help to create a packed house and upbeat energy. One approach to consider if you're thinking about introducing a happy hour or revamping happy hour plans that are a little stale is to include social media.

10 July 2018

4 Great Spring Time Pizza Ideas To Try


This spring, mix up what you put on your pizza! There are so many fresh fruits and vegetables in the springtime; use them to make your pizza a little more exciting. 1. Spinach and Artichoke One of the best combinations to put on your pizza in the spring is spinach and artichoke. First, you are going to want to cook the artichoke hearts for about ten minutes. Then, you are going to want to add a little olive oil to your skillet and throw in the spinach.

26 March 2018