Five Reasons To Host The Christmas Party At The Office


As the holidays draw near, have you found the right venue for your office party? The answer might be a lot closer than you think: your work site! There are many reasons why your office is a pragmatic and perfectly fine venue for your holiday celebration.

Five ways the office works for your holiday party venue are:

  1. Fantastic food. Hire an office catering service for your holiday celebration and to keep the menu tasty and tasteful. Splurge and go all out on the food, especially since you are saving money by not renting a venue and spend a little on decorations to transform and enhance your party space.

       Some tips when planning the menu for your office celebration are:

  • Finger foods work best in an office setting. The less utensils you need, the better.
  • Set up self-serve for ease and so guests can graze over drinks. Provide them with an area to help themselves to refreshments the way that they like them, plus, it eliminates the need for servers.
  • Speaking of refreshment, offer a single signature cocktail, and non-alcoholic version, and a selection of beer, wine, and bottled water for the perfect alternative to an open-bar.
  1. Your comfort level. There is a certain comfort level from keeping the party at the office, which may encourage staff members to come that don't normally attend such functions. You know the logistics of your office, so you have inherent knowledge when it comes to things like bathroom facilities, kitchen accommodations, and where to find items needed when decorating the venue.
  2. Sense of familiarity. Since you know about parking or public transportation at your office, this provides a sense of familiarity that is another reason to use the office for your party. This could provide other staff members with a feeling of safety and security when attending the event, as opposed to hosting it on unfamiliar turf.
  3. Staff convenience. Think about the convenience for your staff in terms of scheduling and arranging transportation to and from the party. If you host the event at the office during conventional work-hours, it is more likely that attendance will be high and that it will be convenient for staff to attend.
  4. Your budget. Think about the money that you will save by not needing to rent out a venue this holiday! This money could be used for gifts and bonuses to show staff how much they are valued. You may also use this savings to impress guests with high-end food and quality entertainment. 

Hosting your work party at the office simply makes good sense and leaves ample room in your budget for other features, such as the food, drink, or great gifts that might otherwise not be practical. Granted, you may not want to host your annual bash in a cubicle but if you have the space, it can be the perfect venue for your holiday celebration. Consider these compelling reasons to keep your celebrations close-to-home: in the office!


9 December 2016

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